About Us

The Passion of Xtreme Theatre & Sound

From customer service to our knowledge, we strive to do your job the way you want. As others in the industry have improved on what they know, they have started to forget what the customer really wants, and have started completing the job the only way they know how… Their way.

We always show our customers how their electronics can perform to let them better understand the capabilities they are getting from their purchase. This is to show them what they are purchasing and whether it can or cannot do what they want which allows us to not over sale or under sale you on electronics. We are diverse in more than one type of product which allows us to not only fit your needs, but get you to a price that suits you as well.

We Strive to be the best

Xtreme Theatre & Sound is striving to become Colorado's definitive source of high performance audio, video and automation electronics for purchase and install with expert consultation to match. Times have changed and home audio has evolved from analog stereo to digital surround sound and, of late, digital video. Digital means that modern entertainment components resemble your household personal computers more than your stereos and are becoming harder to draw a line between.

Getting the most value out of your money

This digital merger has brought many new players to the home theater market besides the traditional audio retailer. Almost any low-voltage subcontractor now includes audio/video in their lineup. Alarm, telephone, satellite, and home networking companies offer audio/video sales and installation as a convenient, and usually overpriced, line item in their total bids. More often than not, they approach such systems with the same passion and excitement that your HVAC or telephone get. If you understand the value of experts who enjoy their chosen trade and want to squeeze the last ounce of performance out of every dollar you spend, then come, visit, and experience Xtreme Theatre & Sound.