• five stars XTS did a super job figuring out the mess I had created while trying to wire my home theater. i would recommend them for anything electronic and i will certainly call again when I goof up something.

  • AMAZING! Danny and his crew did an incredible job with our sound system, throughout our existing home. They were all very professional, efficient and friendly. And don't think that when your project is complete that Xtreme is done and gone. If you have any questions at all, Danny is great at following up. He wants you to be happy with their products/service over the long term, not the short term. We very much appreciated how you ran your business Danny, and the products you delivered... and we look forward to working with you and your crew in the future!!!! And please know we are recommending Xtreme to everyone!

  • WE have used Xtream Theater And Sound for about 2 and half years for all our audio needs ie: weddings,dances,political debates just to mention a few they have never let us down and we bought all our audio as well from them. Always there when we need them 5 Stars! Look for long future with this company. Gary White G.M. operations Mgr LaQuinta,Aspen Leaf and Fountains of Loveland.

  • Highly recommended! We had a relatively small job: install some in-wall speakers in our old-town house and wire them through the basement to our amp in the kitchen. A small job, but not simple. Danny came out to our house to have a look and gave us a very reasonable estimate. I went with my gut, and didn't seek an alternate bid. He came back with several speaker recommendations in price range. I really liked his attitude, or more accurately lack of attitude: my system is not particularly hi-fi: we are streaming off of airtunes into a single amp that is now split between 3 speakers. Other stereo installers would have tried to upsell me to a more powerful amp, or fancier splitter. When they came to install it, it ended up taking longer than expected because of complications involved in a 100 year old house. But, they never complained, and in the end we have a great sounding system that is just what we wanted!

  • Love the Music Music can change a person's day. It makes a cloudy day a bit better... THANKS to Danny (XTS) and his team. Prior to the installation of our audio/video/internet Danny visited with us to see our home and learned our expectations. We discussed different options and scenarios, arriving at one that would meet our needs. When they arrived at the house there was much retro-fitting that had to be done. They crew worked efficiently and were professional while in our home. After the installation Danny came back to make sure we were satisfied and that we could operate our system. He answered all of our questions and gave us a hands-on lesson with the remote. He's been available to answer questions since the installation and went above and beyond the price estimated in research and programming of the remote to make sure we were satisfied. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Our house ROCKS!

  • Excellent service! We live in Cheyenne, about 50 miles from this vendor, and when we were having a problem they came right up and were able to resolve it, even though it was our fault. They also installed a new sound system and rear view camera in one of our vehicles - again SUPER service. We will be sure to call them any time we have audio and/or video needs.

  • Danny was knowledgeable, helpful, affordable and went the extra mile in helping me select the right equipment for my needs. He took the time to listen to what I wanted and then supplied me with a list of how best to achieve my goals regarding equipment and installation. His installation was professional well thought out and looks great

    Robert W